Modern Winter Gardens

We offer professional preparation of projects and delivery of winter gardens. Our modern winter gardens can be a great decoration of every house and a place for common meetings and rest for the entire family.

How about enjoying your garden regardless of the weather conditions?

Plenty of light, closeness to nature, interesting interior design and the impression of open space – it can’t be missing from your home! You may choose your own variant and colour of the winter garden, and we will create a place that will perfectly suit your needs!

Proven materials

We are an authorised constructor of winter gardens and manufacturer of aluminium doors and windows in the German system called TS-ALUMINIUM. Top quality materials and durable finishes are the guarantee of the best standard.

In the construction of balcony and terrace enclosures and winter gardens we use materials that are best suited for outdoor applications and are resistant to weather conditions. One of them is aluminium, the aluminium façades do not require care or maintenance and are extremely durable and resistant to rain and frost. They may be shaped individually and equipped with wind protection elements, folding and sliding. Between the profiles an insulated glass is installed to guarantee superior thermal insulation and safety in case of damaging, if any. The foundations are made of strong concrete with reinforcement and thermal insulation.

If you are interested in details, we encourage you to read the INFORMATION FOR YOU where you will find advice and all necessary details concerning the design and selection of the winter gardens.

Experience in Poland and abroad

We are a company with many years of experience in production and installation of winter gardens in Poland and abroad. Our structures, as the only one in the Polish market and one of the few in the German market, have the statistically calculated in terms of wind and snow loads on the roof.

Upon delivery of the winter garden, our Customers receive named documents confirming the above said calculations to be approved by the Building Inspection Office. Documents may be drawn in the Polish or German language and signed by duly authorised engineers.

Our varied range of modern winter gardens allows us to successfully operate not only within the Silesian vioivodeship and in the area of the entire Poland, but also in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland.

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